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I'll supply discontinued sale items, overseas procurement, an electronic component and equipment from foreign countries and look for it by an original route.

Goods are supplied from the country and foreign countries in our company, so when there are in trouble goods, please inquire.


Discontinued sale items and overseas procurement I'll look for an electronic component and equipment.


I'll look for a circulation stock from the country and foreign countries in our company.

Be a discontinued sale, and please inquire an in trouble person and the person in trouble about a chief due date by all means. It'll be domestic and abroad at an original route and I look for it.

It's a list of goods with stock by the goods which became discontinued sale items. Please inquire a hoping person.

If it becomes sold-out already, please pardon.

manufacturer The form The total stock Note
Toshiba SF80J15 89  
  2SC2642 500  
  30JG11 250  
  2SC2878A 9900  
  TA7063P 2150  
  TA7204P 150  
  TA75393P 526  
  05AZ4.7-Y 29000  
  1AZ24 15000  
  1AZ24(TPA3) 30000  
  2SC2482 4800  
  TC57256AD-15 831  
  TC57257CPL -1 OL 45  
  TC57257DFL -85L 166  
  TC574000AD-150 23  
  TD62382AP 230  
  TD62783AP 261  
  TD62307P 175  
  TD62064P 140  
  TD62007P 475  
  TD62104P 257  
  TD62107P 125  
  TD62004AP 330  
  TD62083AP 101  
  TA7157AP 300  
  TA7607AP 130  
  TA7639P 197  
  TA8027P 100  
  TA8620P 295  
  TA8637BP 200  
  TA7504S 740  
  TC5020BP 2000  
  TLP521-3GB 450  
  2SA512 2200  
  KM4164B-12 2440  

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