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A domestic and abroad electronic component is supplied and offered to a customer from all over the world at our original route.


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Progress Corporation will supply an electronic component and all kinds' equipment from all over the world and offer it to a customer quickly.


An electronic component of an overseas manufacturer as well as a domestic manufacturer and an electronic machine are supplied and offered to a customer from all over the world by the original route built for a long time by our progress. Overseas export of an electronic component is also increasing with overseas expansion of Japanese manufacturer, for the site assembly factories and, I'll also handle a repair part and correspondence for service.

DDK Connector


Goods of a DDK connector are being treated in our company. Stock is put about certain goods, so please inquire the person in trouble about a due date once. MS connector, CE05, 10 or 57 series of commercial, 17JE series, FRC5 and others




Noise countermeasure part of Okaya Electric Industries

Noise countermeasure part

Spark killer

Noise filter

Surge absorber

LED bracket lamp BD series


LEMO Connector


LEMO circular connector which plays an active part under the high-quality and severe environment。A LEMO connector is being treated in our company. The push-pull structure of the LEMO circular connector vibrates and pulls it and is twisted, patient of use at the severe environment bottom exposed to an impact fully and effective in particular in work at a small place and work by a short time, etc..

SHV Connector Harness


I also offer a high-voltage coaxial cable cheaply than anywhere else in an artifact of SHV connector installation. I'll process a SHV connector, a SHV high-voltage coaxial cable assembly and customization.


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