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SHVconnector  High voltage coaxial cable assembly

SHVconnector  High voltage coaxial cable assembly

We supply a coaxial cable assembly with a high voltage coaxial connector and a cable.

We have been providing a high voltage coaxial cable in assembled products such as SHV connector mounting. We recommend you might as well purchase cable assembled complete products. In order to use high voltage connection, the assemble process is very important as same as cable and connectors if you wish to assemble them by yourselves.

We use coaxial cables, RG174/U · or RG59B/U, the connector, standard SHV-P type we have in stock. We will work assembling in your specified cable length and specifications. Please feel free to contact us.
SHV-type connector is a small coaxial connector of characteristic impedance 50Ω, finished dimension is suitable for coaxial cable of about 6mm, It is a connector detachable and excellent easy to operate by fitting of the bayonet lock system, suitable for high voltage applications and it has  withstand voltage as high as DC5kV. It is not compatible with BNC connector although it has similar body size with the same bayonet lock system.
●Standard items are available and please consult us.
●Please e-mail to us for quotation.
●Discount is available in case of more than 10 pcsspacer
High voltage coaxial connector peratingvoltage (Max.) Please inquire about the prices
SHV-P-59 (Plug forRG59) AC3000V  
SHV-P-174 (Plug for RG174) AC1500V  
SHV-A-JJ  ( Straight adaptor)  AC3000V  
SHV-T-JPJ (Ttype adaptor) AC3000V  
SHV-R  (Receptacle) AC3000V  
SHV-BR (Square flange receptacle) AC3000V  
MHV-P-59 (Plug for RG59)  AC1600V  
SHV(P)-MHV(J)  Adaptor AC1600V  
SHV(J)-MHV(P)  Adaptor AC1600V  

High voltage coaxial connector cablespacer Cable colourspacer Operating voltage (Max.) Please inquire
about the prices,
2m 3m
SHV-P/SHV-P ( RG59B/U) Red AC2300V    
SHV-P/SHV-P ( RG59B/U) Black AC2300V    
SHV-P/SHV-P ( RG174/U) Red AC1500V    
SHV-P/SHV-P ( RG174/U) Black AC1500V    
SHV-P/MHV-P ( RG59B/U) Red AC1600V    
SHV-P/MHV-P ( RG59B/U) Black AC1600V    
SHV-P/SHV-P CEH50(Draka) Red DC5000V    
SHV-P/SHV-J CEH50(Draka) Red DC5000V    
Red DC3000V    
Red DC3000V    

High voltage coaxial cable Cable colour Operating voltage (Max.) Please inquire about the prices
1roll 200m or cutting cable
RG59B/U Red AC2300V   Please consult us.
RG59B/U Black AC2300V  
RG174/U Red AC1500V  
RG174/U Black AC1500V  


●LEMO connector harness


Characteristic impedance


NIM/CAMAC standard LEMO cable
Both ends FFS.00.250 =RG174/U


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☆We also deal with LEMO connectors.


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