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The noise countermeasure part which prevents radio wave trouble and the surge measure part protected from damage of thunder

Noise countermeasure part of Okaya Electric Industries Spark killer

When changing to the case when I do level change of an electric signal and a mechanical movement, an organization part of the electromagnetic system is used. A relay, a motor and a solenoid move by an inductor both. An inductor causes the back electromotive force with the big energy by opening and shutting of a drive circuit. When an opening and shutting circuit is a ari point of arrangement, a spark occurs to a point of tact and a radio wave will be the cause which brings and gives interference to an electronic circuit. It itself also consumes and transforms solvent welding in an interface remarkably by a spark, and a point of arrangement makes them reduce the point of tact life expectancy. A used circuit is being called spark quench circuit and an inserted part is being called a spark killer to stop the reverse electromotive pressure and a point of tact spark.
(a) it's inserted during a point of arrangement and a spark of a point of tact is prevented.
(b) it's installed near the source of the reverse electromotive pressure and noise radiation from a lead line is stopped.
(c) insulation breakdown of a semiconductor is protected.


Noise countermeasure part of Okaya Electric Industries Noise filter

Since putting it in the automatic control system of the factory which invades the power supply which invades a power supply, prevents the lead noise which flows and prevents a system failure, prevents the lead noise which flows and prevents a system failure, it's established to prevent a malfunction accident by the noise I invade from a power supply line. There is also a purpose of preventing the noise which generates the equipment inside itself preventing leaking in a power supply line and affecting to other equipment. A coil, a condenser and ferrite can be named as the electronic component and the data used for a noise filter.


Noise countermeasure part of Okaya Electric Industries Surge absorber

A surge makes the thunder, the electromagnetic induction and the static electricity a source, and has very high occurrence voltage more than noise and moreover I possess high current. A recent electrical appliance comes to have a high gate density remarkably for becoming multifunctional, and I have the fault that they're weak in a miniaturized other side surge. We assume that a surge invades an electronic circuit in an instant, and an electronic component is destroyed. A surge absorber and a surge protector are something necessary as the measure which protects an electronic circuit from these surges.




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